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Legion Athletic Camp
At The International Peace Garden - Canada’s Best Sports Camp

Volunteering at Legion Athletic Camp

All staff at the Legion Athletic Camp, in the tradition of the Legion are volunteers. A small honourarium is given to most staff to offset their expenses in coming to volunteer for a week or more. The Camp is looking for volunteers to come for a week up to all 4 weeks of Camp. Many volunteers are needed each year including:

Dorm Deans primary function is to look after the athletes in the evening after all 3 sessions are done. Dorm Deans are also expected to do light cleaning of their dorms in the morning (vaccuuming and tidying dorms), assisting in moving athletes smoothly through meal lines and generally care for their "kids", acting as their "guardian".

Task Force members are also required to keep the camp functioning. This includes the transportation, setup and take down of the various equipment needed for the multitude of sports, transportation of water and athletes, when necessary to the various sites, heavier cleaning of all buildings used by the Camp, running the canteen in the evenings and other tasks requested by the Camp Director.

Kitchen Staff  form a team to prepare, serve and cleanup after the three meals/ day to the 100-150 athletes and the 40 staff at camp/week. 

Head Coaches each find their own staff. If you are interested in coaching a particular sport, you should contact that Sport's Head Coach, whose emails can be found on this website by going to the homepage then Coaches-Head Coaches-Sport and then the Head Coach's name.

At this time 2 important positions are openin. The camp needs:

Head Dorm Dean is to secure the required number of dorm deans, male and female for each of the 4 weeks of Camp.

Head Coach of Track and Field is to impliment the Track & Field goals and program as described on this website, in conjunction with the Advanced Track Program

If you would like to become a volunteer please phone us at 204-305-0991 or E-Mail us at

Contact From jULY TO aUGUST: