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Legion Athletic Camp
At The International Peace Garden - Canada’s Best Sports Camp

George Phillips, Camp Founder


George Phillips, Camp Founder

Former Head Coach George Phillips Honoured

Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame members comments pertaining to former Legion Athletic Camp Head Coach and Founder George Phillips who in 2011 has shifted his interest to the devlopment of senior adult sport research and training. former Head Coach George Phillips passed away in 2015.


"If the truth be known, Mr. George Phillips is probably one of the most important individuals in the amateur sport scene in Manitobas sport history," Maureen Dowds, track and field (inducted 1988)


"One of the most significant events that moved the development of sport in Manitoba forward was the inauguration of the Legion Sports Camp at the Peace Gardens. George Phillips not only had the vision for the Camp, but the energy and commitment to translate that vision into a reality." Vic Pruden, basketball (inductee 2004)


"I believe that his greatest legacy lies in the hundreds of men and women, who after their own athlete careers ended, give back to the young people of Manitoba as coaches, teachers and volunteers," Bruce Pirnie, track and field (inducted 1987).


"George Phillips has dedicate a large part of his life to making life better for the youth of Manitoba and surrounding areas.  Many of those individuals will and have gone on to continue this legacy, because of the opportunity that George Phillips has given them.," Garth Pischke, volleyball (inducted 1989)


"Since the early 1960s', he has been one of the greatest builders of many sports in our province. He is generally considered to as The Father of the internationally famous Legion Athletic Camp at the International Peace Gardens. He has always dared to be different, unconventional and innovative," Brian Marshall media.


"During my sports career I attended many sport camps and training centers, but after my first visit to the Legion Athletic Camp I realized that George Phillips put together the multi Sport Package at the Peace Gardens which is hard to match. This is one of the reasons that he has tremendous respect and recognition from all of the athletes and coaches." Mark Berger , judo (inductee 1994)

George H. Phillips: Head Coach


  • Organized the inaugural Royal Canadian Legion Athletic Camp located at the International Peace Gardens. The 1962 edition was a two-week summer camp (40 males first week, 40 females second week) with four of Manitoba's best track coaches.
1960s - 2006
  • Nearly 35,000 amateur school-aged athletes have attended the annual summer camp, which has gained international acclaim with athletes from around the globe attending.
  • In the 1970's he received a plague for his involvement in amateur sport from the Governor General of Canada.



1950s' - 1960s'
  • Organized mobile track and field clinic during the summer months, which traveled trough out he province of Manitoba. Funded by the Royal Canadian Legion.
1960s' - 1970s'
  • One of the key organizers and meet director for the highly successful Red River Relays indoor track meet held annually at Winnipeg Arena.
1950s - 1980s'
  • Physical education instructor at various schools including Churchill High School and General Wolfe. Coached numerous championship teams in various sports.
  • Assistant director of physical education for Winnipeg School District #1.
  • Principal at Hugh John MacDonald and Kelvin High School.
  • Recipient of the inaugural Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association Certificate of Recognition in 1980.



Legion Athletic Camp firsts:

  1. One of the first summer sport camps to go co-ed.
  2. One of the first summer sport camps to have females in head coaching roles.
  3. One of the first summer sport camps to delve into sports medicine.
  4. One of the first summer sport camps to offer multi sports. 


Camp founder and head coach George Phillips talking to Royal Canadian Legion members during a Colour Party in the summer of 2003.

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